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Miyazaki Prefectural Library(Miyazaki Kenritsu Toshokan)

An Explanation on How to Make Use of the Library (borrowing books, etc.)

●Borrowing Books for the First Time
●How to Borrow Books
●Hours and Holidays
●Map and Directions

Contact Information

Miyazaki Prefectural Library
  3-210-1 Funatsuka
  Miyazaki City, Miyazaki 880-0031
  TEL 0985-29-2596
  FAX 0985-22-9070

Borrowing Books for the First Time

First, you need to obtain a library card
Anyone can obtain a library card free of charge.
We require identification confirming your name, address and date of birth. (driver's license, alien registration card, etc.)
Please fill out the Library Card Application Form with the required information and bring it to Counter 3. We can process applications until 6:30pm every day.

How to Borrow Books

●Conditions for Borrowing Books 

You may borrow up to 10 books for a 2-week period. (If there are no holds on a book, you may renew for another 2 weeks)
Non-book items such as books-on-tape and picture book sets are included in the number you can borrow.
●Borrowing Books 

Please bring the books you wish to borrow along with your library card to Counter1・2.
●Returning Books 

Please return books to Counter 1・2. You do not need to present your library card.
During off-hours and holidays, you can return books by depositing them in the return slot located beside the library entrance. 


●You may use the internet after applying at Counter 4. 

Hours and Holidays


General Library Room 9am - 7pm
Children's Library Room 9am - 5pm

All Mondays. (If Monday is National holiday, Next day is holiday.)
New Year's Period (December 29 - January 4)
Closed for Library Maintenance Purposes (10-day period in Feb)

Map and Directions

Map and Directions

●Access by Public transportation 

A 20 minute walk from JR Miyazaki Jingu Station 
Take the Kunitomi-Aya or Heiwagaoka-bound Miyako Bus from Miyako City or Tachibana-dori.
  The library is a 2 minute walk from Bunka Koen (Culture Park) Bus Stop.
The library is a 7 minute walk Miyazaki Jingu (Miyazaki shrine) bus stop.